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Reference library > Processors: Panning > StereoBalance


StereoBalance(input=0, balance=0)

Takes a stereo input and rebalances it, where balance of 0 is unchanged, -1 is hard left, and 1 is hard right.


# Demonstrating the effects of StereoBalance. First a low tone is assigned to 
# the left channel and a high tone is assigned to the right channel.
# Setting StereoBalance's balance value to 0.0 will mean both tones are heard 
# equally. A value of -1.0 will result in only the left channel being heard. 
# A value of 1.0 will result in only the right channel being heard.
# In this example, an LFO is modulating the balance value between -1.0 and 1.0.
low = TriangleOscillator(220)
high = TriangleOscillator(660)
panned = ChannelArray([low, high])
balanced = StereoBalance(panned, TriangleLFO(0.2, -1, 1)) * 0.5

Last update: 2024-02-15
Created: 2023-12-03