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The AudioGraph

Recording the audio output of the graph

Convenience methods are provided to make it easy to record the global audio output when rendering audio in real-time:


To record output in formats other than the default stereo, start_recording takes a num_channels argument that can be used to specify an alternative channel count.


At present, only .wav is supported as an output format for global audio recordings.

Offline (non-real-time) rendering

It is also possible to perform non-real-time rendering of a synthesis graph, by synthesizing audio output to a Buffer which can then be saved to disk:

# Create an AudioGraph with a dummy output device
graph = AudioGraph(output_device=AudioOut_Dummy(2))

# Create a buffer that will be used to store the audio output
buffer = Buffer(2, graph.sample_rate * 4)

# Create a synthesis graph to render
freq = SawLFO(1, 200, 400)
sine = SineOscillator([freq, freq+10])

# Render to the buffer. Non-real-time, so happens instantaneously.
# Note that the graph renders as many samples as needed to fill the buffer.

# Write the buffer contents to a file"output.wav")

# Finally, tear down the buffer

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Last update: 2023-11-09
Created: 2022-04-01