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Processors: Filters

  • BiquadFilter: Biquad filter. filter_type can be 'low_pass', 'band_pass', 'high_pass', 'notch', 'peak', 'low_shelf', 'high_shelf'. Not recommended for real-time modulation; for this, use SVFilter.
  • DCFilter: Remove low-frequency and DC content from a signal.
  • EQ: Three-band EQ.
  • MoogVCF: Moog ladder low-pass filter.
  • SVFilter: State variable filter. filter_type can be 'low_pass', 'band_pass', 'high_pass', 'notch', 'peak', 'low_shelf', 'high_shelf'. resonance should be between [0..1].

Last update: 2023-12-03
Created: 2023-11-09