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Reference library > Processors: Panning

Processors: Panning

  • AzimuthPanner: Pan input around an equally-spaced ring of num_channels speakers. pan is the pan position from -1..+1, where 0 = centre front. width is the source's width, where 1.0 spans exactly between an adjacent pair of channels.
  • ChannelPanner: Pan the input between a linear series of channels, where pan 0 = channel 0, 1 = channel 1, etc. No wrapping is applied.
  • SpatialPanner: Implements a spatial panning algorithm, applied to a given SpatialEnvironment. Currently, only DBAP is supported.
  • StereoBalance: Takes a stereo input and rebalances it, where balance of 0 is unchanged, -1 is hard left, and 1 is hard right.
  • StereoPanner: Pans a mono input to a stereo output. pan should be between -1 (hard left) to +1 (hard right), with 0 = centre.
  • StereoWidth: Reduces the width of a stereo signal. When width = 1, input is unchanged. When width = 0, outputs a pair of identical channels both containing L+R.

Last update: 2023-12-03
Created: 2023-11-09