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Reference library > Buffer


  • BeatCutter: Cuts a buffer into segment_count segments, and stutters/jumps with the given probabilities.
  • BufferLooper: Read and write from a buffer concurrently, with controllable overdub.
  • BufferPlayer: Plays the contents of the given buffer. start_time/end_time are in seconds. When a clock signal is received, rewinds to the start_time.
  • BufferRecorder: Records the input to a buffer. feedback controls overdub.
  • FeedbackBufferReader: Counterpart to FeedbackBufferWriter.
  • FeedbackBufferWriter: Counterpart to FeedbackBufferReader.
  • SegmentPlayer: Trigger segments of a buffer at the given onset positions.

Last update: 2024-01-30
Created: 2023-11-09