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A Buffer is an area of memory that stores single-channel or multi-channel data, which may represent an audio waveform or any other type of signal.

  • A Buffer can be created from a sound file, an array of samples, a specified dimension, or the result of a function
  • A Buffer can be saved to a sound file
  • A Buffer can be passed to a Node or Patch as an input
  • Buffer sample access can be performed by get/set/fill methods, or directly as a numpy array
  • Buffers can be modified, combined and queried with standard arithmetic operators
  • Buffers can be queried for a number of properties, including interpolation modes and total memory usage
  • TODO: Different Buffer subclasses exist for specific operations, including Buffer2D, WaveshaperBuffer and EnvelopeBuffer
  • TODO: Playing a buffer, including sample rate conversion and interpolation
  • TODO: Recording and rendering audio into a Buffer

Last update: 2024-01-14
Created: 2021-06-08